The Swinging 60s transmitter

Swinging Radio 60s main transmitter is located 6-miles from the coast of Portsmouth.
It broadcasts 200 watts of power from the tower in the photo. The map below shows our coverage on DAB. You can see there are two transmitters on the map. The one marked 'Leigh Park' is a low power transmitter providing a 'fill-in' signal for a built-up area which previously had a poor signal coverage.


DAB Coverage Portsmouth - 2022.jpg

From studio to transmitter

The Swinging Radio 60s 'sound' is created in several studios in the UK, USA and Holland. The shows are sent to the Swinging 60s hub in Angel Radio's Racks Room (photos below) where they  are collated and timed to air by Station Manager, Mark Ross.
The audio is then sent via the internet to the transmitters.


Racks Room 1.jpg
Racks Room 2.jpg

The Main Man 

Ash thumbs up.jpg

Swinging Radio 60s wouldn't be on-air on DAB without the pioneering work of Ash Elford, Angel Radio's Digital Development Manager. 
Ash made the original successful 2015 application to Ofcom to run a trial digital multiplex in Portsmouth. 
Since 2015 Ash has dedicated hundreds of volunteer hours to making our DAB service one of the best in the UK